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SOSWalker Control Station is flexible and easy to use video wall processor designed to capture, display and manage multiple sources on video wall. It supports a wide variety of visual inputs including analogue and high definition digital video and computer sources. Dashboards display energy-related data in an engaging, graphical format to simplify energy monitoring and present key information at a glance. From quickly highlighting exceptions and trends in energy data, to simplifying the navigation of multiple site locations into one graphical interactive screen, a user can design their own dashboard to support their responsibilities and focus their efforts. SOSWalker Dashboards are presented in several different forms:  SOSWalker’s devises, sensors, real-time string monitoring, environmental monitoring (climate monitoring as pyranometer, etc.), map navigation and facilities dashboard included as part of the energy analysis module. Also, Client’s devises (PCU, transfomer station, grid connection station), sensors, etc.
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