Keep an Eye On, Even You are Miles Away

Control Multi CS1100 Units Devices by SOSWalker

NEC CS1100

CS1100 Remote Monitoring System, which ensures [early detection of failure] and [effective management] for facilities or equipment through various communication infrastructures with basic functions and valuable features.

• Adopting a flexible design where the Control unit and Power unit are kept separate 
• All in one package include Web server and mail client.


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Floating Solar PV Remote Monitoring System

A complete remote monitoring solution for photovoltaic power generation systems.  Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model allows users to remotely collect and analyze field data.  Whether it’s a portfolio of Floating mega-watt Solar PV power plants in isolated rural locations, this intuitive web interface allows users to easily monitor their power generation systems without physically visiting the site.  Customizable, multi-level performance alerts can be configured for effective management of your PV assets. CS1100 & SOSWalker can be applied Solar PV station from house rooftop solar (~ 300KW) to MEGA Solar PV Plant (600KW ~ 100MW). Also solar PV stations are 1) Rooftop mounted, 2) Ground mounted & 3) Floating Solar PV mounted on Lake, Lagoon, Hydraulic Dam, etc.



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